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Lancaster Restaurant Getting a New Look

One of the original SiteStrux web clients is getting a new look. Stay tuned for Lancaster Dispensing Company's fantastic design!

Is Your Site Font Boring?

There are a few ways to approach fonts on the web. Without cost, you can embrace the standard web safe fonts, use images for specialized font, or experiement with Google Webfonts.

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New Design for Lancaster Law Firm

SiteStrux recently launched a local attorneys website with a fresh, new look.

Stop by Nikolaus & Hohendel - It's What We Do to see what's going on!

New Feature: Category Specific Promo Codes for the Ecommerce Module

We've added a new promotion feature to the ecommerce module. Promotions can now be established for individual catalog categories. This is great because you can not only establish catalog wide promotions such as free shipping, dollar or percentage discounts... but you can now offer an additional discount just on items that are part of a specific category. Your existing promotion codes can be modified to use individual categories if desired.

A great scenario where we've seen customers use this, is offering a percentage discount on just a few clearance items in a "Clearance" category.

Just like the existing promotions, these can have a valid date range as well as a minimum dollar amount or minimum quantity requirement.

Exceptional Service - Going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty!

Exceptional Service - Going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty!

From Smashing Magazine: "Consider this scenario. You are hired to design and develop a new website for a retail client. The client loves the design, and the pages you develop use the latest in HTML5, CSS3 and responsive design, resulting in a website that works wonderfully across browsers and devices. The e-commerce features of the new website help the client significantly increase their online sales, and the entire project is delivered on time and on budget. Now, is this "exceptional" client service?"

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