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Random Resources - April

04/20/10  Posted by Brandon 

We've put together another good collection of random resources from around the web.

Content Strategy

Content Strategy is making sure all the stuff you put on your website has some actual thought behind it. Like who do you want using your site? What do you want them to understand? How can you help them?

If this sounds too daunting, here's a great article on how thinking of it like a mixed tape might help:

Design Inspiration

It's always interesting to view galleries of design focusing on unique methods and aesthetics. This helps open up your design sensibilities and consider multiple perspectives. Here are some of our recent favorites:

Single Page websites
Thinking about displaying a design and content on a single page adds a constraint that demands a lot of creativity:

Vertical Navigation
We almost go with horizontal navigation for various usability reasons, but sometimes the right site map can really work great with a vertical navigation. Here are some great examples:

Clean and Light Designs:
With so many designs bogged down with gradient and effects overload, it's really refreshing to view a great collection of clean and subtle designs:

Workspace Inspiration:

Need to invigorate your workspace? Check out some of these creative office designs from around the world. Hopefully you're not viewing these from a drab cubicle farm:

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