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Is Your Site Font Boring?

02/14/13  Posted by Sara 

There are a few ways to approach fonts on the web. Without cost, you can embrace the standard web safe fonts, use images for specialized font, or experiement with Google Webfonts.

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Exceptional Service - Going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty!

01/21/13  Posted by Sara 

Exceptional Service - Going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty!

From Smashing Magazine: "Consider this scenario. You are hired to design and develop a new website for a retail client. The client loves the design, and the pages you develop use the latest in HTML5, CSS3 and responsive design, resulting in a website that works wonderfully across browsers and devices. The e-commerce features of the new website help the client significantly increase their online sales, and the entire project is delivered on time and on budget. Now, is this "exceptional" client service?"

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SiteStrux on Facebook

01/17/13  Posted by Sara 

SiteStrux has become "facebook official."

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Navigating your Site

01/14/13  Posted by Sara 

Navigating Your Site

GPS has revolutionized travel, eclipsing paper maps and stopping for directions (women, rejoice!). Visitors to your website can also be considered travelers who need some sort of navigation tool to prevent them from getting lost.

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Web Talk for Dummies

01/07/13  Posted by Sara 

Web Talk for Dummies

If you are anything like me, you always want to know what you are talking about. At the very least, you want to understand what others are talking about. So we thought we'd help educate you so you can sound like a web pro at your next social gathering. Just drop these terms in any conversation for a sure win!

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Creating Online Databases & Web Apps

10/10/12  Posted by Eric 

Some pretty great tools have cropped up in recent years which allow non-developers to create online databases for managing their data. Each of the solutions out there have some similarities as well as their own features and pricing models. On the one end of the spectrum you'll find Knack. Knack's online database and web app tools are geared for smaller to medium sized organizations and offers plenty of design flexibility & features at a very affordable cost.

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Stop sending annoyingly large email attachments!

04/13/10  Posted by Brandon 

We all get them and we're all annoyed as we sit there waiting for our email to un-clog as we wait for some 20 MB attachment to download.

So stop sending them! There are plenty of good free options for uploading your files to the web and emailing a link instead.
This is a tool just for emailing large files. You simply upload to their server and they send the email with all the links ready to go. It's pretty simple.
This is primarily a file backup system that works with your local hard-drive, but they also have great options for creating shared folders you can post files to for others to upload.

Random Resources - March 02

03/02/10  Posted by Brandon 

We're always noting links and resources across the interwebs that are loaded with web design goodies. We'll be posting randomly whenever we get a good collection. Here's our first:

Footer Designs

Footers have become a major element of modern web design, with some becoming virtual mini-sites. This is a good article on tips, examples, and issues to keep note of when considering footer design.

Call-to-action buttons

Call-to-action buttons are IMPORTANT. See how I used caps there to emphasize that? Your website has a goal, and it usually requires clicking on something to get there, so you better make sure that something is going to be effective. This is a good post on examples.

Free Icons!

Free Fonts!

Typography is key to strong web design, so use some strong fonts.

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